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Hermon, NY - The name is derived from a latin word meaning "cursed." Benjamin Healy was one of the very first settlers in Hermon. Once Herman became a Village around 1824 he became the first Village Clerk. In 1828, a postoffice was established and Benjamin became the first postmaster.

In 1916, German Sutherland came to Hermon. He had an infant son who died in 1818 and carries the distinction of the first person to die in Hermon.

Both of the gentlemen mentioned above are the grandfathers of Fontella S. Healy. She married Theron Adelbert Farnsworth and eventually moved to Camden.

Theron's father, Almon, was the owner of the Farnsworth Hotel and Saloon in Hermon. He was poisioned when somebody put stricknyne in his beer. Theron along with his brother Amos and a third individual name Halsey Smith were all accused of the murder. Due to lack of evidence in the trial in 1874, all three were acquitted.

Shortly after the trial, December 23, 1874, was when Theron married Fontella. It was a double ceremony as Fontella's sister Addie M. exchanged vows with Mr. Commodore P. Day at the same time. This took place in Hermon at the home of Rosalvo Healy who was the father of both brides.

Theron then started the first newspaper in Hermon called the "Hermon Union." A fire completely leveled the downtown area of Hermon on April 27, 1875. This brought an end to the short lived newspaper.

The Farnsworth Hotel
The Farnsworth Hotel - as seen around 1909 in this picture then known as the Hermon House. The stage in the front just came in from the railroad depot in DeKalb (about 6 miles away). The entrance to the bar room was on the far right.

I have no idea what happend to Theron's brother Amos after that. There was another younger brother named Oliver Heddin Farnsworth who attended family gatherings in Camden and is said to have lived in Canton, NY (about 10 miles from Hermon). Oliver and his wife are said to have only one adopted daughter whos last know address was someplace in New Jersey.

In one history book reads "Almon and Amos were among early settlers of Hermon." And in another I find, "A. V. Farnsworth, born in Jefferson County, settled in Hermon in 1846." So A. V. could be either Almon and Amos and I'm going to assume that they were brothers (not to be confused with Almon's son Amos.)

I had earlier assumed that Almon and Amos were decendants of the Norwood/Norfolk, NY area as there are many Farnsworth families there. These are two villages only a few miles apart in St. Lawrence County. However, the statement that A. V. was born in Jefferson County throws me off.

You can't always believe what you read in books anyway. There seems to be confusion with Healy being spelled as Healey in some journals. Also, the books want to make Mr. Sutherland's first name Germain but his tombstone is clearly marked German.

As you see I have many unanswered questions. I'm looking for assistance from anyone to can help out.

Mike and Mary To the left is Mary H. Smallman in her home on Church Street. She is the historian of the Village of Hermon. In prior years she was the historian of the Town of Hermon as well as all of St. Lawrence County. Mary has been a tremendous help in my quest for family data. Also pictured is my brother Michael P. Farnsworth during my 3rd visit to Hermon on July 5th, 1999.

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